Perpetua"The dungeon became to me as if it were a palace"
These words were uttered by a young woman about 22 years of age, from Carthage in North Africa. This is the true story about the first Christian lady persecuted for her faith that has been documented in the history of our Church and who lived in the year 203 A.D.

Perpetua had recently given birth to a baby boy and had also been put in the dungeon because she would not disown her Christian faith. She kept a diary of her prison experience, possibly the first document we have from the hands of  Christian woman. At first Perpetua was not allowed to have her baby with her in prison. Then the authorities relented and permitted her to nurse and care for the child. All at once, she reported, she began to feel better and her health returned. The prison then became her palace and she adds that she was content to stay there.

All this from a young woman of considerable wealth and education! Dire circumstances did not defeat her. The prospect of torture could not break her spirit. She demonstrated how, for a believer, external conditions in the final analysis are not as important as out attitudes toward them. Simply put, with Christ as Lord they feasted upon an inner joy that enabled them to meet with serenity of spirit whatever came their way.

Simon of CyreneThe man from Cyrene gazes at the brutal cross... At the lifeless body of the Nazarene. Since early childhood , Simon of Cyrene had expected the Messiah. A Simple Carpenter. He taught humility and submission - even to gentile roman authority - under whose cruel oppression Simon suffered. Simon longed that the Messiah would rather crush Rome and restore Israel to glory; so he rejected this Man.

His wife, Deborah and son, Rufus, experienced an irresistible attraction to the Nazarene while his oldest son, Alexander, was in the service of the hated Romans. In his long quest for the truth, Simon is forced to flee his native country. His family is torn apart and finally he is forced to carry the cross of the Man he hates so much. Now this Jesus is dead and Simon's quest continues...


Samuel Morris

On the 21st of August, 2010, the students of CCE performed a docu-drama on the life of Samuel Kaboo Morris, a young tribal prince from Liberia. Set in the late 1800's the drama follows the life of Sammy, as he was affectionately known, from his capture and torture by a hostile tribe in  Liberia to his death at the age of 20 in the USA.


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