This time the 4th years ventured into the rural area of Weenen, visiting Koos Combrink on the KwaSizabantu Mission branch in Sahlumbe.

This year, the 4th years were in Mozambique for their outreach.

To read and see more, please follow this link: Cedar 4th Years 2015

This year the fourth years and some of the lecturers went to Onseepkans for their outreach.

They helped and assisted with various tasks at the mission and in  the area.


The current fourth year students and a few others went on an 12 day outreach to our Shuldzendal Mission (near the Drie Koppies dam) not far from Malelane.

There we helped to prepare for the 10th celebration of the mission at a youth service which took place 28 September - 1 October. It was wonderful to see so many youth which were about 800 - 1000.

The annual CCE 4th-year outreach took place during the first two weeks of the July holidays. Our team of 2011 included 17 of the 4th-year students and 6 lecturers. We set out on a sunny Saturday morning, loaded with “padkos” and very excited. The trip was to be a circular route from Natal to Virginia (KSB Mission Goldfields), then on to Moreson Mission at Malmesbury in the Cape Swartland. Coming back through the Eastern Cape, we would visit the Williams family on their farm close to Jeffreys Bay, after which we would tackle the last stretch of more than a 1000km back home.

aaThis year the students felt led by the Lord to go to the new KwaSizabantu mission Magqogo in the Tugela valley. The purpose of the outreach is to broaden the students' missionary exposure and experience, and at the same time give them an opportunity to be partakers in spreading the Gospel, apart from their normal study duties.

The 4th year student body comprises of 13 students, representing six countries (Belgium, Germany, Lesotho, Rwanda, France and South Africa).

The main purpose is to reach out to the young people in the area, where there are four primary schools and two high schools.

The doors are wide open to spread the Gospel and the group is invited to take the openings (assemblies) with the Word of God and choir singing. Academic help is also offered to Gr 12 learners wherever there is a need.

A fun day took place on Saturday where about 130 young people turned up. The programme stretched from 10.30 to 17.00. There were games, (volleyball, netball, soccer, tug-of-war, relays, etc.) puppet shows, testimony and a devotion.

Christian films are shown in the evenings using a mobile projector as there is no electricity in the area.



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