Graduation 2018

21st CCE Graduation Ceremony

On the 24th of March, Cedar College of Education held their 21st graduation ceremony at the Kwasizabantu auditorium.

14 students, from various countries, including South Africa, France, Germany, Switzerland and South Korea, received their Bachelor’s Degree in Education, two in Foundation Phase and 12 in Senior & FET Phase. A total of six distinctions were awarded during the ceremony. After Rev Michael Ngubane opened in prayer, the CCE choir sang two songs. Though Reverend Stegen himself could not be there, we felt his presence through the reading of what was on his heart. His message can be read below.

This message was followed by the speech of the guest speaker, Prof Daryl Balia (Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor). He reminded us that God has a plan for our lives and we should strive to be in that plan. We need to go out as workers in the harvest. After his encouraging speech, the graduates were awarded their qualifications, accompanied with much enthusiasm from family and friends. The evening was concluded with a word of thanks from one of the graduate’s father on behalf of the parents, followed by an item by the DSS brass band and a closing prayer.

We would like to thank the Lord for His ever-present help and guidance in helping the graduates complete their 4 years of study. We also thank the Lord for keeping CCE for so many years.

Reverend Stegen’s sermon

1 Timothy 6:20
“O Timothy, GUARD (KEEP)  what was committed to your trust, avoiding the profane and idle babblings and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge” ---

Dear Students and Honoured Guests…

In the four years of your studies at CCE, you have acquired a great deal of knowledge. I hope that you will be able to put it to good use in the future.

However, today I would like to tell you about something far more important – I would like to pass on a warning that the apostle Paul gave to Timothy: Keep, hold on to and guard your life in Christ. Watch over this way of purity and holiness throughout your life. The Greek word for “keep” is PHYLLASSO, which means to watch, keep, guard, be awake, preserve i.e. be alert.

As the apostle Paul realised that he was nearing his end, he put in effort to warn his spiritual son, Timothy, to watch, stay awake and be on his guard lest he lose the way of holiness and purity. Therefore, Watch!

I would like to illustrate my point using a story from Luke 15:8-10. A woman had saved 10 silver coins. They were her treasured possession - her livelihood depended on them. But as time went on, she grew slack in guarding  her precious pieces of silver. She didn’t take those coins seriously, until one day she awoke from her complacency and realised that one coin was missing.

This woman could have said to herself: “Only one is missing. So what does that matter, I still have nine left.” But no! The woman forgot the 9 silver coins that were left; she was only concerned with finding the missing piece of silver. It was a catastrophe to have lost this one coin. She searched, she swept, she prayed; she did all she could till she found the coin! She was overjoyed and invited all her friends so that she could testify about what God had done for her, saying, “I have found what I had lost.”

There is a lesson to be learnt from this story. God has entrusted you with 10 silver coins. He has revealed to you how you, as a young person, can live in purity, and how you need to live in order to gain eternal life. Be on your guard! Watch! Do not sleep! Sin is crouching at your door. At first, the sin might seem small. Only when you have yielded to temptation, will you realize that you have lost a silver coin. You have lost one silver coin. The first sin, the first cigarette, the first sip of alcohol, the first kiss – they all seem small and harmless. That is what the devil will whisper to you. But learn from this woman and do not say, “I still have 9 left”. Watch! The second piece of silver is easier to lose and before you know it, you will have lost the third one as well. The second cigarette will be easier to smoke; the second sip of alcohol and the second kiss will be easier. That is how sin works. If you are sleeping and not on your guard, you will wake up one day and find that you have lost all 10 silver coins. But then it will be too late!

If it should ever happen that you lose one of your coins, follow the example of this woman. Leave everything and examine yourself. Plead for God’s grace until you have all 10 silver coins in your possession again.

“O Timothy, GUARD (KEEP) what was committed to your trust.”


The following candidates received a Bachelor's of Education:

Foundation Phase

Crignon, Marie

Pillay, Kristen (Distinction)


Senior & FET Phase

Fekisi, Sinovuyo

Jung, Jina (Distinction) - absent

Kammeyer, Johanna Elfriede (Distinction)

Ko, Seolhwa (Distinction)

Läderach, Jessica (Distinction) - absent

Majola, Claribel Bongiwe Thembekile

Mdlalose, Sonto Nozipho

Mvelase, Lynn Jesmond

Ngcobo, Nombuso Promise

Ngubane, Sindile

Peters, Zachariah

Yu, Heabin (Distinction) - absent



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