Outreach Sahlumbe 2017

This time the 4th years ventured into the rural area of Weenen, visiting Koos Combrink on the KwaSizabantu Mission branch in Sahlumbe.

Here is an outline of our program from the 28th of September to the 3rd of October:

Thursday – Just after lunch we loaded the Sprinters with our luggage, tools and supplies for our stay in Sahlumbe. The drive was beautiful and we were heartily welcomed.

Friday – It was our desire to assist Mr Combrink with the manual work at the mission. So our team was divided into gardeners and painters and the garden team tackled the front and back yard while the painters set out to paint the main gate as well as window frames of the mission building.

Saturday – We invited the young people from the area to join is for a day of games and Bible study. We started with some outdoor fun activities like three-legged-races, ‘bowling’ and volley ball. The students also prepared a skit which they performed for the youth and related to them the Bible story of Jesus feeding the multitude with just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes.

Sunday – We attended the Sunday service, which was taken by Baba Dube. He joined us for the outreach and also held encouraging devotions for the team. During the service, one of the students told another Bible story using the flannel board with pictures.

Monday – After the rest of the previous day, we were full of energy and eager to finish the work we had started on Friday. Mr Knieper also took us on a tour through the area and we could visit some church members and even enter a traditional Zulu hut.

Tuesday – This was our last day in Sahlumbe. After packing and getting ready for the return journey, we went on another tour through the hilly countryside. We visited a sick young man – who was a special encouragement to us all. He was so ill that he could not speak himself but typed messages on a cellphone. He told us that he recognizes our faces, for he too had applied to study at Cedar College. He was interviewed and accepted into the same year group that was now visiting him. But his sickness made it impossible for him to study. In his room there is one framed verse that says “Baba ngenze ngisamukele isabelo ongabele sona”, Help me Lord to accept the portion You have given me. The students were deeply touched and realized how privileged they were to be able to study.
We also passed by the homes of two chiefs from the area. After exploring the other side of Weenen we returned to Sahlumbe and had to bid Mr Combrink farewell.

It was a special time we had together and I am sure we will all treasure the memories of these days spent in Sahlumbe. Thank you to everyone who carried us in their prayers.

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