Outreach Onseepkans 2013

This year the fourth years and some of the lecturers went to Onseepkans for their outreach.

They helped and assisted with various tasks at the mission and in  the area.

With great expectation we waited upon God to see where he would lead us for the Forth Year’s Outreach this year. God opened and closed doors as He wished.  He has led us towards a completely new direction: Onseepkans!!!

Onseepkans is a small settlement in the Northern Cape, South Africa, on the banks of the Orange River, bordering with Namibia in the North. Two years ago the le Roux family, co-workers in Cape Town KSB Mission station, felt the leading of God to come to this place to spread the Gospel. The conditions are very limited because of the dry area and there is a lot of poverty. We felt we should go and strengthen their hands and help them with whatever we could - physically as well as financially.

We departed on Friday 20 September, ready for a long drive. Our team comprised 10 students and 6 lecturers, all embarking a sprinter pulling a trailer full of mattresses, food, clothing and other donations.

The long drive to Onseepkans was full of exciting halting places: Virginia mission station, in the Fee States, visiting the “Big hole” at Kimberlyand and on our way back the Moffatt Mission station in Kuruman. At Onseepkans mission we helped with whatever we could, cleaning up the mission premises, feeding goats, as well as helping in renovating a house. We also had the privilege to minister through songs and skits to children from poor communities, bringing joy to the little ones.

During the week we could also visit the Augrabies Waterfall, which is 200 km from the mission station, and spent a day enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. As Namibia’s border was just a few meters away, we decided to take a walk crossing the Orange River to Namibia on Sunday afternoon.

The 4th years never knew a week could go by so fast. We came back very blessed, encouraged by the lives of the people living there. We learnt a lot and realized the blessing and priviledges we have and how little we appreciate it.We were priviledged to get a small insight of what calibre a missionary is.  Many precious lessons were learnt and we will treasure them deeply such as humility, appreciation, obedience and more especially, obedience to Gods’ calling. 

We really want to convey our thanks to everyone who contributed to make this trip possible, as well as to the missions that made our stay so enjoyable. We will never be able to thank you enough for what this trip meant to us and we pray that the Lord will bless you richly and abundantly!Thank you!

Denisa Veciunca



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