Outreach near Malelane


The current fourth year students and a few others went on an 12 day outreach to our Shuldzendal Mission (near the Drie Koppies dam) not far from Malelane.

There we helped to prepare for the 10th celebration of the mission at a youth service which took place 28 September - 1 October. It was wonderful to see so many youth which were about 800 - 1000.

There we did a variety of things from cleaning chicken sheds, preparing accommodation, food, and anything our hands could find to do.

Every morning we visited schools in the vicinity to invite them to the youth services that mainly consisted of a variety of plays and testimonies of the students.

Then we were privileged to be able to visit the National Kruger Park, there may animals were seen which most students have never seen in real life.

It was a privilege to be able to be with the group and to see how the Lord provided in many ways and how lives where changed.


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