Cultural evening 2011

On the 15th of May, Cedar College of Education, show-cased the university's cultural diversity by hosting a Cultural Evening. Students were encouraged to display their traditional dress, food/ cuisine, cultural idiosyncrasies and traits. Nine out of the total eighteen cultures presently accounted for at the college chose to participate in the first leg of this exciting event.

Proudly holding the flag high for their cultures were the Xhosa culture, the Indian culture, the Sudanese culture, the Afrikaans culture, the Swiss culture, the Dutch culture, the Zulu culture, the Swati culture, the Ndebele culture and lastly the culture that united everyone, the Christian culture.


The programme kicked off with the Afrikaans students giving the audience a preview of their culture. Beautifully dressed in orthodox clothing worn by the Voortrekkers, they give a brief history the Afrikaner Volk; the origin of their culture; cuisine unique to their culture and an anecdote or two of Afrikaner heroes. Then the Afrikaners courteously departed, making way for the praise song of the Xhosa culture. Mpendulo a first year student, acted as tour guide. First greeting everyone in true Xhosa style, he identified the typical manner of dress worn by each generation of his culture, and the types of foods one is to expect in a Xhosa home, thereafter making a 'short left'.

Following hot on the heels of the Xhosa culture, was the loud and proud Swati culture. Zinhle Dlamini, a talkative 4th year at the college, gave insight as to how the Swati nation was formed. She touched on how the Gospel reached her people via Missionary societies in 1844; the foods her culture enjoys, and how inherently peaceful her people are.

Dangerously armed with her beaded machete, 3rd. year Zinhle Skosana then enlightened the crowd on the history of the Ndebele culture; their traditional values and cultural practices. Following her was the musically inclined and gifted Dutch culture, presented by Inge Jacobs and Mrs Bonita Roos (who incidentally, is the mother of Dutch lecturer Andrew Roos). Their introduction to Dutch culture include a song in their native language and a Power Point presentation that expanded on traditional Dutch clothing, culture and the geographic location of Holland.

The colourful Indian culture chose an innovative way of displaying their traditional, food, dress and music. Their grand entrance consisted of a flag wielding, bevy of Indian girls in traditional Indian couture, to the sound of a ship horn blaring in the background. A well-rehearsed and executed play ensured that they scooped the most colourful and interesting award for their effort.

They were followed by the exuberant Zulu culture that came out in full for force, with a very authentic display of traditional dress, dance and a knowledgeable account of Zulu history. Proudly Zulu, Thandeka Fakazi 3rd year, stole the show when she led the group into an energetic Zulu dance as they exited. Thereafter Mark Gule presented a beautiful introduction to Sudanese culture. Being the only Sudanese student didn’t faze him in his effort. He gave an informative, insightful and sensitive talk on the history of the war torn region, which one could see was close to his heart. Rahel Graf represented the Swiss culture. Looking terrifically smashing in her ‘Heidi’ outfit, Rahel, with the aid of a Power Point presentation, took us on a journey through her culture’s history, cuisine and clothing. Particular emphasis was placed on the confectionery her country is famous for and everyone's favourite, chocolate.

The evening at CCE ended on a high note and truly epitomised South Africa’s Coat of Arms motto Unity in Diversity. Kjell Olsen, the rector, on the college summed up with an exposé of the Christian culture that binds us all together. The students and lectures were then treated to tasty finger snacks by the host cultures. With tummies filled with delicious food, the much talked about and successful cultural evening drew to an end.


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