Summary of Devotion by Hans Koller - 03 May 2010

1Cor 11:1, “Follow me as I follow Christ”

When the Spirit of God works in your life you become quiet before Him. He takes all the noise and clutter from your life.
When others look at your life, do they long for what you have or are they not interested?

A good illustration is the African sacred ibis, that attracts the gaze of the eye as they come together in groups to look for insects. They are quiet birds, yet beautifully attractive.
In contrast one finds crows that are ugly and noisy. When one sees and hears them you simply want to close your ears and run away because of their ugly noises.

What is the distinguishing character of your life? Are you always involved in controversies, and senseless chatter, or has your life become quiet and peaceful - a life that attracts others to Jesus Christ?

A number of centuries ago the custom in Germany was to execute convicted murderers in the market square on market day by hanging on the gallows. The book of the law of that time stated that the only reprieve such a convicted criminal could have would be if a woman from the crowd offers to marry him that is convicted (and vice versa if it was a woman that was convicted); then he would be freed so that they can marry and he can start a new life.
So it happened once that there was a young man that was convicted of murder and was taken to the gallows on market day. As the soldiers were escorting him in the wagon towards the gallows, suddenly there was a shout from behind, “stop that wagon. I want to marry that man”. The wagon stopped and a woman came running from behind. However she was not very attractive. As the convicted man looked back he only gave her one glance and then said to those who escorted him to the gallows, “It's ok, ignore her and continue”.

One can laugh or cry at such a story. This man in effect said that he would rather face his death penalty than spend the rest of his life with that woman. What he saw did not impress him.

Now spiritually the whole world is lost, on their way to hell, eternal death. The world knows that what they do is not right. They know that exploiting others for their own gain is wrong, yet they tread on step by step towards certain death.

When they look at your life and you tell them you have a better way, in fact they can become part of the “bride of Christ”, what do they see? Do they glance at your life and say, “no thank you I certainly don't want what you have”, or do your life impress them with the beauty of Christ?

Can you say in truth with Paul, “follow me as I follow Christ”?


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